Human Cognitive Neuroscience at the Single Neuron Level

Scientific Focus

The Neurtex Brain Research Institute performs research on how emotion, memory and decisions are represented by the activity of single neurons in the human brain. Using recordings gathered during experiments with epilepsy patients who have implanted electrodes, we are able to detect the firing of single neurons in the conscious human brain. Correlating changes in this firing with the patients’ thoughts provides an unprecedented view of the operation of the human brain at the level of its’ fundamental computational units – single neurons.


Single channel of microwave recording.
Trial in screening task.

The NBRI is presently analyzing data recorded in the former Brain Modeling Laboratory at the Barrow Neurological Institute as well data from collaborators in other laboratories. These consist of over 2 TB of continuously sampled extracellular potentials collected in 749 experiments with 51 patients.


Research Areas

Current focus areas at the NBRI are human memory and spike sorting in recordings obtained in electrically noisy clinical environments. Emphasis at the NBRI is placed on accurate and statistically correct analysis as well developing quantitative descriptions of population activity.

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